10 reasons to hire a Destination Wedding Planner

Congratulations if you've just gotten engaged!

Already starting to dream about a romantic and elegant wedding in Provence, but don’t know where to start? Planning a wedding abroad can be stressful.

Actually, before you start looking for vendors or binge on Pinterest, the best way to start your preparations is to look into hiring a professional destination wedding planner.

No matter whether you are very organized or not at all, here are 10 good reasons why you should hire a destination wedding planner to plan your dream day : 


  1. Stick to your budget

Aware of all the money saving tips, a planner looks out for your budget so you get most for your money.

  1. Save yourself the time

Between your full-time job and social commitments, it might be overwhelming to plan a wedding abroad. You will probably feel like you don’t have a minute to yourself anymore. Planning a wedding represents approximately 300 hours of work. Leave that to your planner, whom delights in the whole process, and is experienced.

  1. Negotiate discounts with vendors

With a planner’s network of vendors, they know how to execute the decision making process/negotiations, so you will save money in the long run. You won’t need to spend hours looking for vendors on internet.

  1. Take responsibilities off your shoulders

You will be able to hand over the time-consuming responsibilities to a professional. A planner can schedule appointments, deal with vendors, and work through the heart of the matter on your day.

  1. Be your wedding expert

A planner has a lot of insider knowledge, from recommendations to the best vendors for a particular ceremony, to etiquette or table center pieces. Every detail will be covered by a planner. This is what we do for a living.

  1. Turn your dreams into reality

Let your planner transform your wedding day into a beautiful experience by including typical and local inspiration into your big-day.

  1. Advise you on tricky situations

A planner has seen it all and will be able to guide you through any tricky situations that arise during the preparations such as: when should you send the save-the-dates? How much can you ask your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses? How to deal with two guests who don’t get along?

  1. Keep you sane

We are here to take care of all the little details that drive you insane. Wave your worries goodbye, a planner takes care of  it all. 

  1. Create wedding schedules

From the vendors to the bridal party, a planner creates detailed schedules, checklists, layouts, that include every little thing to think about for your wedding day. Be sure that nothing will be left out as a planner will have everything organized.

  1. Coordinate your entire wedding

When your wedding day finally comes around, you’ll feel great knowing that your planner is taking command of the vendors, orchestrating everything and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. You won’t need to worry about anything except enjoying your special day with loved ones.

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