Tips for Planning your Destination Wedding in Provence

Visit the area in advance

Being far away when planning your destination wedding isn’t easy, so make sure to plan one or two visits to the area before your wedding day. Site visits will ensure you have the best feeling about the area and your venue (location is key!). During your visit, you can also book a tasting with your selected caterer and do a make up and hair trial. That way you can avoid any surprises! 

Prepare for a multi-day event

With guests coming from all over the world, you want to make sure they enjoy your company, enjoy their stay in Provence, and that the whole trip is truly worth it for them. Ask yourself: What kind of experience do you want your guests to take away? Usually, couples plan for a 3-day celebration in Provence, including a welcome dinner, the wedding day, and a farewell brunch. That way, your guests can truly make the most out of their trip.

Hire a photographer based in Europe who is familiar with Provence

A European-based photographer who is familiar with Provence, has worked with inter-cultural couples, and is comfortable with destination weddings can easily work with a couple at their wedding in Provence. And hiring a photographer who also speaks your language is a no-brainer! 

Hiring a photographer who’s familiar with Provence will also ensure you have your moments beautifully captured in a way that breathes the feeling of the South of France to life. 

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Be mindful of the weather in the summer

Summer in Provence gets very hot! If possible, select a wedding day in May, June, or September instead of July and August. Some venues even offer discounts for off-peak months—so it’s a win-win! 

Also make sure there will be shade at the ceremony area or have fans, hats, and water for your guests and for you as a couple (you’ll be the ones doing the talking!).

And for a summer wedding, you can forget the long-sleeved dress—believe me, you’ll thank me later. 

Hire a destination wedding planner based in Provence

A destination wedding planner based in Provence who is used to working with international clientele, can help with the language barrier, reduce your budget, guide you in choosing the right venue, and can recommend the best vendors. As a wedding planner myself, I can tell you that I’ll be there on your wedding day coordinating everything and making sure you have nothing to worry about!